Can A Muslim Say God Instead Of Allaah?

Can A Muslim Say God Instead Of Allaah? 

Question: Is it permissible that we say God when speaking to A non Muslim instead of saying Allaah?

 Response: (1)Shaykhana Ash-Shaykh 'Eid Al-Kayaal حفظه الله said: the word اله(God) is in a form that is نكرة (indefinite). Allaah said it is a must that we use terms that are lofty, or Names from His Names that are Husna(Good). As far as names that are(used for Allaah) in an undefined mode (TN: not المعرفة - definite), this, without doubt, isn't permissible.

Source: Asked by the translator of this article via Whats App Group: فتاوى شرعية للمتابعة
Translator: ابو عبد الهادي خليل ديفيس Abu AbdilHaadee Khaleel Davis

 (1)Shaykhana Shaykh Al-Kayaal has a tazkiyyah from Ash-Shaykh and our father Shaykhana Hasan al-Banna حفظه الله

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