Making the Intention to Fast

Author: Imaam Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi’ee (rahimahullah)  
Source: Irshaad-ul-Afaadhil-Kiraam Ilaa Masaaili Tata’alluqi bi-Siyaam wal-Qiyaam

Question: Is it obligatory to make a single intention for the fast of Ramadhaan (daily) or is it sufficient to make the intention to fast the entire month of Ramadhaan all at once? And (if it is to be done that way) at what interval should it be done?

Answer: The Prophet (may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him) said: 

“Actions are but by intentions, so every man will get what he intended.”

This is evidence upon the necessity to have an intention regarding all actions, so what is apparent is that the individual makes the intention (to fast) every day but this does not mean that he says: “I intend to fast on this day in Ramadhaan, rather the intention is an objective, so when you wake up to eat Suhoor then this is considered an intention, and your refraining from food and drink is considered intention.

As for the Prophetic narration: 

“Whoever does not make the intention for the next days fast in the evening then there is no fast for him.”

 Then it is a weak narration that is considered Mudhtarib (an insufficiently supported narration) even though some of the Ulamaa have raised it to the level of Hasan, so what is correct is that it has Idhtiraab (insufficiency) in its chain of narration.

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