Making Collective Takbeer at the Ramadhaan Iftaars

Author: Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih Al 'Uthaymeen (rahimahullah
Source: Fataawaa Haammah lish-Shabaab pages 55-56

Question: What is the ruling concerning what the people do during the celebrations such as clapping and whistling?

Answer: The ruling concerning this is that it was acquired from the non-Muslims from what is apparent so because of this it is not befitting for the Muslim to do it rather when the Muslim is pleased with something he should magnify (to make Takbeer by saying Allahu Akbar) and glorify (to say Subhaana Allah) Allah the Mighty & Majestic.

And this Takbeer is not done by way of collective Takbeer as some of the people do collectively, rather the person glorifies Allah to himself but as for the collective Takbeer or Tasbeeh that is done when something pleasing occurs then I do not know any basis for it.

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