Strangeness of the Sunnah and its people

Al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbalee (rahimahullaah) wrote: "Concerning the statement of the Prophet: 'Islaam began as something strange and will return to being strange, as it began,' Imaam Al-Awzaa'ee (rahimahullaah) said: 'As for this, then it does not mean that Islaam will go away, rather it means that Ahlus-Sunnah will go away, up to the point that there will not remain any from them in a land except one person.' " * 

* What is meant by Ahlus-Sunnah (the true Salafees, the true Ahlul-Hadeeth, the true Ahlul-Athaar) are those who hold onto and bite onto the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (in 'Aqeedah and Manhaj and manner of worship and character). They learn it, act upon it, teach it to others, and are patient upon the harms. They consist of the true scholars, their students, and those who follow in their footsteps.  

Yoonus bin 'Ubayd (rahimahullaah) said: "There is not a thing more strange than the Sunnah. But what is stranger than that is the one who knows it."  

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