Don't Be Hasty When Misunderstandings Occur

The Allaamah Muhammad bin Haadi (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated: 

"When there takes place a misunderstanding between two individuals from the brothers: Some of them begin to write against others although both of them are upon one path, one methodology and upon (taking knowledge from) the same Shuyookh. This path is not good. If you have an observance against him (i.e your brother), this is your brother, give it to him. As for exposing it on the internet, sending it (to others) on the internet and writing it on the net, then this is from the spreading of the faults which is not permissible. 

As for the matter of knowledge, this is another affair. As for the matter of refuting the mistakes which the people who committed them are going astray, this is another affair also. And even in the matter of the mistakes, you have from it that which is private and that which is public. Therefore, that which is private, it is not befitting that it be spread in a public manner. 

As for that which has circulated, become publicly known and spread amongst the people, the refutation against it is to be circulated, publicly known and that which is correct is to be spread amongst the people, in order that the people know it and they correct the mistake. However that which I mean by this speech: If there is between you and your brother something, don't be hasty to spread it right away on these websites! Indeed this opposes the giving of good advice/sincerity. This opposes the (Islamic) mannerisms which are befitting to be present between you and your brother. Therefore you by this path (of behavior) leave the door wide open for  the evil to escalate between you and your brother. 

Oh my beloved ones, brothers and sons: I hope that you understand that and relay it to those behind you from your brothers (who are not present). And this which has been heard, In Shaa Allah ta'aalaa will reach everyone. This matter is a matter in which much of the connections between the brothers are corrupted and all of it being personal matters. We ask Allah for the protection and safety."

Taken from the Miraath website:

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