Shaykh Bukhaari on The Deviations of Yahyah al-Hajoori and the Ruling on Those who follow him:

Excerpt: "...the person who defends this man is either one of two people: either he is ignorant of what he (Yahya al-Hajoori) has with him of deviations and misguidances, so he is made aware – in a way that is better -  if he is seeking the truth then perhaps he may return to the truth.

Or he's a person who knows that which is with him of trials, tribulations and misguidance. This person takes the same ruling as him (al-Hajoori) and is appended to him. We ask Allah for safety and well-being."

Excerpt: "For verily, we have spoken about this man (al-Hajoori)  and refuted him from before and recently, the collection of affairs this man has fallen into, if they were distributed amongst a number of individuals then one (of those individuals) would be classed an innovator due to one (of his deviations), so how the one who gathers in him all of them (deviations)?"

Excerpt: "He (al-Hajoori) has lied, sinned and is dumbfounded!"

Excerpt: "We've seen this in Indonesia, books published which I still have, on the Hizbiyyah of 'Ubayd and Al-Wasaabi. What is this? Everyone who doesn't agree [with Haajoori's misguidance] is a Hizbi and an innovator? I seek Allaah's refuge from misguidance. They've linked loyalty and disloyalty to these corrupt and putrid statements.

'Abdul-Hameed Al-Hajoori* – who is Yahya's tail – says  in his book الخيانة الدعوية حجر عثرة في طريق الدعوة السلفية which was read, approved and allowed to be distributed by Yahya Al-Hajoori – they give him titles which he has no share of. What is inside this book? Many deviations from them are the lines of poetry which indicate towards Hulooliyyah and pantheism [Wahdat al-Wujood]…"

* 'Abdul-Hameed al-Hajoori is described here as one of the bigoted and cult-followers of Yahya al-Hajoori. 

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