Tremendous Benefits from the First Part of Shaikh Ahmad Bazmool's Dars

Student Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq (hafidhahullaah) relayed some advices and main points he wrote down from a Dars (lesson) given by Shaikh Ahmad ibn 'Umar Bazmool (hafidhahullaah) on the night of Sunday, the 26th of Jumada Al-Awwal, 1434, in Makkah. 

Tremendous Benefits from the First Part of Shaikh Ahmad Bazmool's Dars on the night of Sunday:

1- There are many important matters a Muslim should know and from the greatest of them is that: That the entire truth is found in the Qur`aan, the Sunnah and what the Companions were upon. The truth is encompassed in these three. The benefit of this is that a Muslim thereby knows exactly and specifically where to investigate and look for the truth.

2- This now leads to another issue which is in the verse: And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad, (salallaahu 'alaihi wasallam)) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers' way. We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell - what an evil destination. (An-Nisa`, ayah 115)

This verse shows a number of things: 

- The first is the obligation of following the Messenger. 
- The second is the obligation of following the Companions.
This is strengthened in the hadeeth of the Firqah al-Naajiyah in which there occurs, "...that which I and my companions are upon..."  

3- All of this in turn has numerous issues which are built upon it and from them are: (a) That this necessitates making luzoom (adhering) to the people of truth and not separating from them, the wolf takes the lone sheep.

Adhering to people (scholars) of truth is not ta'assub (partisanship) to them, as is claimed by some of the Innovators like al-Halabi. Rather this is something indicated in the Book and the Sunnah (to return to and cling to the people of truth), and is not tahazzub.

The difference between us and them (the Hizbiyyeen) is that we make luzoom of Scholars because of the truth that is with them... ... but they (the Hizbiyyeen) make luzoom (stick to whoever they stick to) because of opinions and desires, hence fall into tahazzub. Hence describing this luzoom which is obligated in the texts with "taqleed" and "tahazzub" is a great evil. [Hizbiyyah is: having loyalty or allegiance to an individual or group in opposition to the Qur`an and Sunnah, and loving and hating for their sake.]  

4- Then, built upon what has preceded, it is not permissible to seek truth from other than the path and way which has been clarified. 

5- This also means that we have certainty in the falsehood of the one who says that all the jamaa'aat (groups, parties) are upon the truth. Because the truth is only one and does not divide. [Allaah said:] And this is my straight path, so follow it and do not follow other paths. (Al-An'aam, ayah 153) We see many Muslims seeking truth from other than its place (Qur`an, Sunnah, Sahaabah) - this is inhiraaf(deviation) in seeking the truth. This indicates that a person is upon shakk (doubt) and this leads us to another important issue which is when a person sees himself as self-reliant in knowing the truth from falsehood. He claims he can mix with people and know truth from falsehood. This is "thiqah bil-nafs" trusting in oneself - and is not trust with Allaah. He is relying upon 'aql (reason) and dhann (thought). Such a person has not appreciated where the truth is actually found (Qur`an, Sunnah, fahm of Sahaabah), hence has element of shakk (doubt).

6- Between us are two issues: Is the truth clear to us? Have we been given success in arriving at it and following it? When a person has "thiqah bil-nafs" (relying upon himself) - he has no way of knowing answers to the previous questions.

7- When we hold to the Qur`an, Sunnah and understanding of Sahaabah and adhere to Scholars as ordered, then we have certainty in the path.

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