The Difference between following the path of the salaf (pious predecessors) and the path of the Hadaadiyyah

Question: This questioner asks, “What is the difference between the path of the Hadaadiyyah and that of following the way of the first three generations of Muslims, and how can we distinguish between them?”

Sheikh Rabee' (hafithahullah) answered: The difference between the two of them is the following: Concerning the Hadaadees; their founder is a man who is an individual who adheres to his desires, someone characterized by his jealousy, hatred, and contempt for the scholars. As for his life history, previously he was in Egypt before he came to this land of Saudi Arabia. He is someone well known for his acts of oppression and outrages against the scholars.

When he came to Riyaadh, he established himself here for seven years, but did not personally meet Sheikh Ibn Baaz, Sheikh al-Fawzaan, Sheikh at-Tuwayjaree, or any of the well known scholars of the Sunnah – never! And he did not take from the scholars knowledge of anything, due to the high degree of his hostility, self pride, and belief in his superiority.

Then he came to Medina with a specific goal and objective – that being to instigate trials. He came forward feigning submissiveness, with the guise of mildness and humility until such a time that he was able to obtain statements of recommendation from some of the scholars of Medina. Then he proceeded to gather a group of malicious individuals, and various rabble around him.

The people of knowledge in Medinah did not observe any distinguishing feature about him nor of those with him other than their rebellion and revolt against them, and against the scholars of the Kingdom. They attacked the scholars everywhere, to the extent that they attacked Sheikh Jameel ar-Rahmaan in Afghaanistaan directing attacks at him after his death through martyrdom, may Allaah have mercy upon him. And we hope that Allaah makes him from among His martyrs.

As their way is one of agitating, inciting, and rising up against the people of the Sunnah, their methodology, and their sincere advisors. By Allaah, indeed I advised them, and treated them gently, and debated matters with them in a manner that I hoped would enable them to return back from their false way. By Allaah, we did not wish any trials. However, they refused any way except that of rebellion, insitigating trials, and proceeding onwards as those who ruin and destroy matters through malicious speech towards the people of Sunnah. They would haphazardly say, “This one is a liar, and this one is a sinner, this one is that and that.' Additionally, they poured forth attacks against Haafidh Ibn Hajr, and Imaam as-Shawkaanee, claiming that they are to be abandoned, and occupying the Salafees with this matter to a degree that there has been no other parallel for!

One of the Salafees produced a written response to them, discussing and critiquing some of the writings and statements of al-Hadaad. So they sprang forth to attack this individual through audio cassettes and books! They attack in a devastating manner anyone from the people of the Sunnah who would write clarifications, by defaming them, assulting them, and slandering them.

Additionally, one of the youth refuted them when they attacked Sheikh Muhammad 'Amaan al-Jaamee', Sheikh Saaleh as-Suhaimee, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Rabee', Sheikh Rabee' ibn Haadee (myself). To myself, Rabee' Ibn Haadee, they attempted to attribute the authorship of that book which was written in defense of Sheikh Muhammad Amaan . Al-Haddaad, the known liar, swore by Allaah that the one who must have written that book was Rabee'!!

From their distinguishing characteristics is lying, corruption, and spreading hatred toward the scholars – attempting to bring them down; as well as self-aggrandizement while at the same time reducing and belittling all others. This continued until it reached such a level that some of them would say, 

'It is upon so and so and so and so – from the major scholars and people of knowledge – to go to the wife of al-Hadaad and to kneel at her hands and take knowledge from her.

In this way they became those who disrespected and spread contempt for the scholars, while also accusing them of truly being ignorant.

So, the one who possesses these characteristics, he is a Hadaadee. The one who revolts against the scholars, and attacks them, desiring to topple and bring them down through the means which we have mentioned, he is a Hadaadee. They are liars and deceivers, and slanderers, and when we clarified the deception of their Sheikh and their mistakes and falsehoods, they only increased in their extremism. So everyone who is similar to them, going to extremes regarding individuals, and rejecting the established proofs and evidences, and slandering the people of the Sunnah – then he is a Hadaadee, perhaps even worse than them.

Presently there is a group of individuals on the internet who are upon this way and pattern of behaviour. This group on the internet portrays the people of the Sunnah as being Hadaadees, while the characteristics of the Hadaadees are actually clearly found among those putting for the accusation! Meaning extremism, lying, rejection of the truth – this is exactly the way of the Hadaadees.

So understand this, and firmly comprehend these distinguishing characteristics which they possess. Such that it is clear that the one in whom these characteristics are found is from the Hadaadees, or is someone who is similar to or close to them, or perhaps someone even more evil than them.

The believer loves and respects the religion, values sound intellect, honours this methodology and path, and respects this connection to the path of the first generations. He does not surrender or place his intellect into the hands of the foolish for them to toy and sport with, and so playing and manipulating his religion. He does not surrender his religion for the sake of anyone, no matter who that person may be. By Allaah, he does not surrender his religion to another person, even if it be the most remarkable and significant of noteworthy individuals after the Noble Messenger of Allaah, upon him be Allaah's praise and salutations. Indeed, he does not surrender his religion to anyone.

Because unrestricted obedience is only for Allaah, and unrestricted allegiance is only to Allaah and the Messenger of Allaah, and to the noble Companions of the Messenger of Allaah, upon him be Allaah's praise and salutations, was engaged in or related. Likewise the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah collectively carried and conveyed the truth in whatever they were engaged in. But as for anyone else, then their case is not the same; at times they are correct and at times they are mistaken.

Extremism in the religion is from the most offensive and evil of characteristics. Likewise extremism in relation to individuals is also from the most offensive and evil of characteristics. The Messenger of Allaah, upon him be Allaah's praise and salutations, said,

Do not exaggerate in your praise of me as the Christians have exaggerated in the case of 'Isaa Ibn Maryam.

If the Messenger of Allaah, upon him be Allaah's praise and salutations, did not permit exaggeration in regard to him, then how can we now even approach exaggeration in regarding small, miniscule individuals! And we seek refuge in Allaah from exaggerating the status of deficient individuals and making them as if they were infallible giants and mountains, and so on! This is to be considered lying against Allaah and from extremism in regard to individuals, and extremism in the religion. We seek refuge in Allaah from these characteristics.

In this same manner, the Hadaadees have extremism towards al-Hadaad, elevating his position and status, while he is actually an ignorant, misguided individual who is both unsteady and confused. Yet they endorse and approve of him, my brothers! He has said, “I have for the past twenty years warned against the Muslim brotherhood organization, and warned against Sayyid Qutb”, and so on.

But we have not seen form him a single book nor heard from him an audio lecture in which he seeks to combat and strive against them. However, in relation to his reaching out to take up arms against the Salafees, then he proceeds like a savage lion. He actively writes about and produces and distributes audio lectures about them. Indeed, he wrote a small book regarding Sheikh al Albaani (rahimahullah), amounting to about 40 pages, which he filled with lies and corruption, which he entitled, “Five: The Introduction, The Conclusion, The Right, The Left, and The Heart.”

Fine, clearly this is like the efforts of an army, in attacking and engaging in combat. Then why didn't you direct such works towards the sect of the Raafidhah?! Why didn't you direct the work “al-Khamees” against the organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood?! Yet you claim that you have been warning against them for twenty years?! Why haven't you directed this violent army of effort towards them?! But instead you direct it towards Sheikh al-Albaani (rahimahullah), while he is the Imaam of the people of the Sunnah in this age?!?!

Likewise, presently there are tremendous attacks from them. Sheikh al Albaani is no longer here, so the attacks have turned to other than him; and certainly this is from the evident characteristics of the Hadaadees. There is currently a group of them, working on the internet. They presently engage in this fighting against the people of Sunnah. They still have the work “al Khamees,” of al-Hadaad, and they are fighting through books, audio lectures, and various statements, while they label the people the Sunnah as Hadaadees. They accuse me of having this disease, of being infected or tainted by it.

For that reason, we advise these individuals to repent to Allaah, to surrender their affairs to Allaah, to yield and comply to Allaah, and to honour the Salafee methodology and path, as well as to honour and respect their intellects and persons; otherwise they will encounter and be faced with a new affliction which is even worse than the affliction of the deviation of the Hadaadiyyah.

Equally from their distinguishing characteristics, is their lack of acting with mercy. Such that if we supplicate for mercy upon the likes of Imaam Ibn Hajr, or Imaam as-Shawkaanee, or Imaam an Nawwawi, they say, “Innovator!” If we say about Ibn Hajr “Haafidh,” they say, “Innovator!” We repply, “They are from the people of Sunnah, but are known to have mistakenly fallen into some aspects of the deviations of the 'Ash'arees.” But they say, 'No, it is required that you say that they are innovators. And if you do not state that they are innovators, then you likewise are also innovators!!' We reply to them, “Rather, if we were to only say that so and so Ash'aree, the meaning of this is that he was primarily upon their innovation in the religion.

Additionally, it is clear that the individual who wishes to speak courteously with good manners it is not always required that he states that so and so is an innovator. I have read to them from the biographies written by Imaam al Bukhaaree. We read the biography of Jaaabir al-Ja'fee, as well as others and we could clearly see that he did not explicitly state that they were innovators, while he knew clearly that so and so was from the sect of the Raafidhah. But he did not say about him he was an “innovator in the religion.” Because this is not a general or absolute requirement.

One should clarify their deviation in order to advise the people; however it is not required that you say explicitly “innovator” or even that “he is not an innovator.” But they rejected this from us. Similarly, individuals who are not of any significance have even called me from outside of the country and said to me, “What is your position towards Ibn Hajr?” I replied, “He is known to have aspects of the innovations of the Ash'aree sect.” He said, “Never could this statement be considered sufficient, you are astray!! It is required that you say he is an innovator!

So we see this among them, as well as them having other matters which I have not brought up but which are similar to these matters which we will further explain. Meaning, what are the distinguishing characteristics of the Hadaadees, and who are they? What are their principles and objectives? We will explain all of this, may Allaah bless you.”

[Source: Various Rulings Regarding Beliefs and Methodology – First Sitting]

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